Centre for Health Law, Ethics and Technology (CHLET)

 Faculty Members:  Dipika Jain, Vishwas Devaiah, Surabhi Shukla

The Centre for Health Law, Ethics and Technology (CHLET) at Jindal Global Law School is established with the objective to bring to the fore important health law issues and provide a forum for deliberation on these important issues. CHLET is India’s first academic research centre on health law.

In order to look at some of these health law and policy related issues, the Centre seeks to advance academic legal research and educational activities both in India and overseas. The Centre will undertake research on various issue related to health care and society from a developing world perspective on social justice. The Centre will focus on multi-disciplinary issues/subjects within Health Law including access to drugs, realization of Constitutional right to health, implication of advancement of technology on access to health care and anti-discrimination law and policy relating to contagious diseases.

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